6 Best Reasons to Switch to Removable Insulation Covers


Control valves, steam traps, pipes, and other equipment found in heating and cold water systems are often vital to the continued success of your company or facility. The problem with most of this equipment is that it can expel heat, wasting energy and costing you money. Traditional hard insulation isn't always a solution, as many of these components need to be easily accessed for servicing. One way to combat this problem is by using removable insulation covers.  If you haven’t found a good enough reason as to why you should use removable insulation covers for your piping systems needs, then look no further.

Top 6 Reasons to Start Using Removable Insulation Blankets Today

  1. Extend the life of your equipment - Accidents happen often in the working world, but why not protect your piping and valves to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Removable insulation covers can also help protect against the elements. The ability to control rain, sleet or snow is out of your hands, but utilizing insulation covers to protect your assets certainly is.
  2. Improve your working environment - OSHA safety violations are a serious matter that can cost your business the reputation you need to succeed. By protecting your high-temperature pipes and equipment with proper insulation covers, you can protect you and your employees from possible skin damage or even death.
  3. Make maintenance easy – Removable insulation covers allow for extremely easy maintenance and inspections. If you detect inefficiencies or issues with your equipment, then it is important to deal with and remedy the problem as soon as possible.  Our covers can quickly and easily be removed, which save you money and manpower. After any inspections are complete, it’s easy to reinstall our covers to their original place on your equipment.
  4. Save energy, IMMEDIATELY – By insulating your piping sooner rather than later, your helping your business save itself from unnecessary losses in heat. In the long run, this will help reduce energy costs allowing you to put those assets towards more beneficial projects.
  5. Prevent waste – Typical hard cover insulation is a hassle to remove or replace. If you’re trying to perform maintenance on equipment covered with hard insulation you must remove it and replace the insulation once the inspection is complete. This causes unnecessary waste that can be easily remedied with the purchase of removable insulation.
  6. Save money in both the short-term & long-term – Whether you’re lowering the amount of waste your company produces, reducing the amount of heat loss your equipment emits, improving the safety of the working environment, extending the life of your equipment, or keeping maintenance in-house you are saving money. Having more money to work with as a company, whether it be today or tomorrow, is vital to the continued success as a prominent business venture. Removable insulation covers can put you on a path one step closer to continuing this success.

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