Accurately Pricing A Custom Insulation Jacket

This article was written by JP Peloso, a member of the Thermaxx Jackets team.

Pricing up a custom insulation jacket can be a difficult job without the right information. 
Much like designing, pricing is a work of art! Without the correct information, it is nearly impossible to put a price on a jacket.

Uninsulated Steam ComponentIt all starts with a brief description of what is to be insulated. The description has to include the type of component, the manufacturer and model number of that component (if known), and pipe size of the incoming and outgoing pipes. A quick snapshot of the entire component is always helpful as well in order to get a good visual of what is to be insulated.

After seeing an overview of the component, it becomes much easier to put the dimensions together. Another thing that really helps to bring the picture and measurements together, is a 3-D CAD drawing like the one shown below. With a CAD drawing, we are able to find exact measurements which help us determine the correct square footage of material, and help us determine the amount of labor that needs to be done to design and manufacture these jackets.

CAD drawingA CAD drawing is the document of choice when pricing up a jacket because not only does it give a visual and the dimensions, but it allows us to flip, turn and twist the component in order for us to see it as if we were standing in the same room as it. 

Another option, if a CAD file is not available, is a manufacturer’s drawing of the component. These, much like a CAD file, show us the exact dimensions and help us pinpoint any cutouts or extra flaps that may be needed when designing the jacket. These drawings, as shown below, provide us with accurate face to face dimensions and can allow us to determine the correct pipe size of the component when only dimensions are provided.

manufacturer's drawing of Component to be insulated

Once we have gathered this information, the first thing we have to do is determine the square footage of the jacket. The square footage is calculated simply by digging into our brains and pulling out some old high school geometry. Geometry used to calculate area of circleOnce the square footage is determined, we have to figure out what materials best suited this jacket. To determine the materials, we look at two main factors. One, the temperature of the component, and two, whether the component is location indoors or outdoors. Once the materials are decided on, we can calculate the cost of our material and then move on to the labor portion of the pricing. 

custom insulation on steam componentWhen calculating the labor that will be put into making the jacket, we first start with the design team and look at how long it will take to design this jacket based on the difficulty (and rarity) of the component. Next, we have to figure out how many hours of: cutting materials, assembling, sewing and tidying up of the jackets, that it will take to complete. To do this, we must sketch the different pieces of the jacket and determine how many hours each piece will take. The thickness of the insulation (previously decided based on temperature) and the number of cutouts needed for protruding pipes, are both big factors in determining the labor costs. Once the materials and labor are calculated, we have a price for your jacket.

A lot of work goes into pricing up a custom jacket and it can be a difficult job. But with the right information, anything can be accurately priced. If you, or anyone you know, needs a quick quote on a custom insulation jacket, please email me, JP Peloso, at JPeloso@thermaxxjackets.com today!