CT Utilities & Thermaxx Host Discussion On Energy Upgrades


  2018 Thermaxx Energy Incentives Presentation Event 1  2018 Thermaxx Energy Incentives Presentation

On May 17th, 2018, Thermaxx Jackets hosted multiple CT energy vendors, technology leaders, and prospective clients to answer questions regarding how facility managers can implement energy upgrades that transform their facility. Thermaxx, Power and Process, and Environmental Systems Corp. highlighted efficiency measures that are eligible for Commercial & Industrial incentives programs. Representatives from energy vendors such as Eversource and Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG) attended the breakfast to answer questions as well.

  2018 Thermaxx Energy Incentives Presentation Event 2  2018 Thermaxx Energy Incentives Presentation Event2018 Thermaxx Energy Incentives Presentation Event 4  

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