The Process Of Thermaxx Jackets' Insulation Projects

This article was written by Meghan Reilly of Thermaxx Jackets

Energy Related projects are a top priority for most facilities these days, and project managers are being given even larger goals that they have to meet each year. This push has caused facility managers to seek out large scale insulation projects so that they can claim lucrative thermal savings to help satisfy these requirements.

Thermaxx Insulation JacketThermaxx has been awarded projects with as many as 3,000 jackets and have been asked by clients to be substantially complete in 6 month. In order to meet OUR new goals and keep projects on track, Thermaxx’s focus has shifted from a project-centered company to an asset-centered company.

An asset is “property owned by a company, regarded as having value and available to meet commitments.” At Thermaxx, our assets are our jackets, and by treating each one as their own entity we are able to schedule and deliver a more organized and functional project.

The Insulation Project Process

We have a process that we follow on every job, whether it consists of just one or 3,000 jackets. The process starts with a kickoff meeting that includes the account manager, production manager, designers, shipping manager and field PM. Pictures of the assets are reviewed and the designer may make some initial sketches before the onsite field measuring takes place.

kickoff meetingThis kickoff meeting is crucial because the managers are able to get all of their questions answered and concerns addressed. Matters like environmental hazards or accessibility issues are worked out before the project begins and  it makes for a much smoother jacket delivery and installation, This meeting is also when a jacket install date is decided. The install may take place over a few days or over the course of a few months. It may be a contractual obligation or based solely on company lead time. Whatever it is, its important to have this decided at the kickoff meeting. This date becomes an end goal for each asset and keeps each department working toward this goal.

After the kickoff meeting, the account manager will coordinate field measuring with the client. Thermaxx’s account managers and field PM’s are more often than not onsite for field measuring. This is helpful because the they are able to walk the designer through the job, answer any questions the designer may have about how each jacket is to be constructed. This also helps to save on time. Many large projects have a number of locations where work is to be done. Clients don’t always have the manpower to assign an escort for the Thermaxx designer so it makes sense for the account manager to show the designer the job.

Once field measuring is complete, the designer will begin to generate their patterns and the jackets will enter the production stage. While in production, each sub-stage such as material cutting, assembly, sewing etc. is tracked internally so at any given time no matter how large the job, we know exactly where a particular jacket is in the production line.

Thermaxx Group

Install date is nearing and jackets are coming off production so it's time for the shipping department, field PM, and installers to meet. They decide the best way to deliver the jackets to the facility. Often times, there is no parking available or 20 minute time slots at loading docks that need to be considered. Also, will the jackets be delivered in large cardboard boxes or industrial strength plastic bags. Having this decided in advance will help to ensure a seamless install process.

Finally, the jackets are ready and Thermaxx’s OSHA trained installers are onsite installing them. As each jacket is installed, the field PM will take a picture of the installed jacket and move that asset to the final stage, “jacket installed.” If  for some reason the jacket doesn’t fit quite right, it will be marked and moved to the stage “rework.” Our rework jackets are taken directly back to our manufacturing facility where the necessary modifications are made. Jackets in this stage are treated as priority so that the installation can be wrapped up in a timely manner..

Install is complete but that doesn’t mean that our job is done yet! Before the project can be signed off on as complete, the Thermaxx Account Manager will schedule a final walk-thru with the client. The account manager and client will review each asset individually and make sure that both parties expectations are met.

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Meghan Reilly - Account Executive at Thermaxx

Meghan has been part of the Thermaxx team since early 2013 and her territory covers Connecticut to Maine. In her five years with Thermaxx she has helped her clients achieve maximum energy savings with a strong ROI. Meghan is an established partner with local utilities throughout New England and has in-depth knowledge of their custom gas incentive programs. She takes extreme pride in the customer service that Thermaxx provides their clients, and oversees all of her own projects through to completion and 100% customer satisfaction.