Waterproof Insulation Blankets

Waterproof insulation blankets are removable insulation blankets that are constructed with materials that are meant to withstand moisture, and allow moisture to escape them. The waterproof insulation blankets should also maintain their insulating properties when exposed to moisture.

Outdoor Ball Valve Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets that is exposed to the elements such as rain and snow.
Insulated outdoor ball valve, exposed to the elements

Traditional insulation, such as self-sealing fiberglass pipe insulation that you might find at a home improvement store, is not waterproof. It tends to fall apart when coming into contact with moisture, and if condensation forms beneath the insulation and is unable to escape it can cause major damage to your piping and components call corrosion under insulation or CUI. This is a common problem that can be prevented by using waterproof insulation blankets, designed to avoid problems like these.

corrosion under insulation (CUI).
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) source

Common Applications for Waterproof Insulation Blankets

  • Insulation systems in pits, vaults, and manholes or any areas that are susceptible to flooding
  • Insulation systems that are frequently washed down
  • Outdoor pipe/component insulation
  • Cold pipe systems
  • Weather proofing

Waterproof Insulation Blanket Materials

The most effective way to make insulation blankets that are waterproof is by using hydrophobic materials in their design. By using materials that do not absorb and retain water but rather repel and expel it, our insulation blankets can withstand heavy moisture and encourage its evaporation. This protects your piping and components from the damages associated with CUI. Some of the hydrophobic materials used by Thermaxx Jackets include:

  • EJ1650: A PTFE/Fiberglass composite
  • Pyrogel XTE: A flexible hydrophobic insulation made with Aerogel
  • Teflon LFP: Lamination to protect PTFE from moisture
  • Metal Grommets: allows moisture to escape from inside of insulation blanket

Custom Insulation Blankets

Thermaxx Jackets designs insulation blankets based on your needs. If you have an application that requires waterproof insulation our experts will find the perfect solution for you. Our insulation jackets are guaranteed for five years, ensuring that our products hold up or you get your money back.

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