WeatherMaxx Anti-Siphon Valve Weather Protection

Sprinkler controllers and anti-siphon valves are components that can cause major headaches if they do not work properly! Rain, dust, hail and a host of other weather and animal related issues can cause the anti-siphon valve to fail far sooner than one would wish.

anti-siphon valve coverWe at Thermaxx Jackets LLC have expanded our line of WeatherMaxx products to include anti-siphon valve and exterior sprinkler controllers.  A WeatherMaxx cover combines the weather resistance of a heavy weight Silicone cloth with the strength of Kevlar. Our WeatherMaxx covers are made to last, we guarantee them for Five Years!  No one else will even consider a guarantee like ours.  How can we do this?  

We use a heavy duty, double sided Silicone coated fiberglass cloth. The weight of the cloth is a minimum of 17 oz.’s per square yard!  That is substantial cloth. We have chosen Kevlar as our standard thread choice.  We use a commercial grade 92 that has a break strength of 35 lbs. Typically a good thread has a break strength of 7 lbs. to 12 lbs. We use a thread that gives us the strength required to hold up against the severest of weather, the most vicious rodents and angry neighbors!

To secure the WeatherMaxx cover in place we use a 3/16” flat Kevlar pull cord. This cord has a 500lb. break strength, believe us; it is not going anywhere!  The QR code on the tag has its own dedicated website, making it a perfect way to keep track of maintenance, problems, changes, virtually anything you feel is important!

The best part is you can obtain one of our WeatherMaxx anti-siphon valve or exterior sprinkler controller covers for less than you would imagine. Our covers are now available for online ordering!

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