WeatherMaxx Covers Available for Online Ordering!

WeatherMaxx Covers Available for Online Ordering!

It’s never been easier to order a WeatherMaxx Cover, the first Thermaxx product to be made available in our new online store. Many standard styles are available, fitting actuators and other components of varying size. Our WeatherMaxx Covers are handmade-to-order in the USA and we’ve just made the ordering process faster and easier!

To help you find out which WeatherMaxx Cover style is the right fit, we’ve introduced our WeatherMaxx Style Selector. This tool helps determine which cover style will best fit an actuator or component. Once the right fit has been identified, it can be purchased directly from our Thermaxx Online Store. Protecting your valuable outdoor actuators, electronics, or other vulnerable components has never been easier!

WeatherMaxx Cover Style Selector New Online Ordering Shop Now!

For more information on WeatherMaxx Covers, or online ordering, contact us.