Why Should Hospitals Consider Removable Insulation Jackets?

For Healthcare Systems and Hospitals today, there is immense pressure to drive energy savings in an effort to reduce operating costs, meet regulations, and provide safety and comfort to all staff and patients. Most importantly hospitals are seeking cost savings measures as a result of even larger budget constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrators and facilities personnel are seeking energy-saving strategies that can deliver a quick payback at a low cost.

Hospital staff including operations managers, chief engineers, energy managers, and facility directors are turning to Thermaxx Jackets, a family owned and operated business producing high quality removable insulation jackets in our factory based in West Haven, CT. A removable insulation blanket is a cover made from layers of thermal insulation materials that is fastened onto a mechanical component to maximize its efficiency, regulate its temperature, and improve workplace safety.

Removable insulation blankets are highly versatile and can be customized to fit a variety of equipment in a wide range of applications. They can be installed on many indoor and outdoor components such as boilers, steam traps, pipes, valves, flanges, as well as autoclaves and laundry equipment. They are typically used to prevent heat from escaping hot components; however, they can also be used to prevent freezing or warming of cold components, sound insulation, and more.

For many facilities personnel, to maintain and operate a hospital’s steam system, mechanical room, laundry, and autoclaves, they often need to remove insulation from system components but have no easy way to re-insulate components because most insulation is not reusable. Using removable insulation blankets ensures that the covered components are easily accessible and serviceable, unlike traditional stay-in-place insulation.

So, where does the cost-savings come in?

As part of a complimentary energy audit, Thermaxx will send a team of experienced engineers on-site to hospitals to evaluate all mechanical and steam components for potential heat and energy loss calculations. After, our team will review the findings with facilities personnel and administrators to share where energy is being expended and budget dollars are being lost. In most cases, hospitals are losing tens of thousands of dollars yearly due to uncovered components. Thermaxx custom removable insulation jackets keep heat in, improving your steam system and mechanical components efficiency. At the same time removable jackets prevent heat from escaping so they lower the ambient temperature in mechanical rooms, laundry rooms, tunnels and general work areas, reducing cooling costs. 

Thermaxx researches custom incentives available from local gas companies on behalf of healthcare systems and hospitals. Our team provides a well-organized proposal survey and savings calculations to the utility engineers. We then coordinate obtaining a rebate on behalf of the hospital. In many cases, our customers see annual savings of over $25,000-$50,000/year with a reduction of over 20,000 therms on average. Thermaxx also provides an operations & maintenance program (Thermaxx O&M) and a 5-year warranty to ensure your healthcare system or hospital benefits from your custom removable insulation jackets for many years to come. 

Whether you are in need of standard insulation material or a customized solution for particular specifications, the experts at Thermaxx are ready to work with you to help with your energy savings, reduce your operating costs and improve overall safety and facility. To discuss your individual needs, please contact me at jmullin@thermaxx.es or (475)-331-1098. 

Jill Mullin is the Manger of Business Development, Healthcare for Thermaxx. Jill joined the Thermaxx team in early 2021 but brings 25 years of B2B sales experience including over 5 years working specifically with hospital systems and medical universities. She is a member of ASHE and IDEA. Jill is a graduate of Immaculata University and lives in Philadelphia. Her love of travel extends into work, always seeking opportunities to meet customers in-person. She looks forward to creating new connections with Engineering and Facilities teams in institutions across the US.  

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