Adventist Health St. Helena: Insulation Jacket Case Study

Founded as part of the faith-based Adventist Health Network, Adventist Health St. Helena is a hospital that offers quality medical services, reaches out to support the community, and is committed to making healthcare more convenient and accessible. St. Helena’s energy management is guided by Jones Lang Lasalle’s (JLL) energy manager, Joshua Taylor. Joshua manages the utility spend for Adventist Health West, while driving energy saving projects in an effort to reduce operating costs.

A bare steam system component that needs to be insulated
Bare Steam Trap Steam Trap Insulated by Thermaxx

Thermaxx was contacted by Joshua in the Spring of 2018 to survey the site and calculate the savings and potential incentive offered by PG&E. Rose Titcomb from Thermaxx Jackets conducted the survey and the stats showed great opportunity for energy savings and increased workplace safety. Willdan, on behalf of PG&E, reviewed the incentive application and issued an incentive offer just over $19,000. Greatly assisting Adventist with the financial assistance needed for the serviceable insulation jacket upgrade.

There were several areas where gas therms could be saved. Implementing efficient energy measures is not the only value Thermaxx jackets provides: comfort and safety are an additional factor. For this project we included the main boiler plant, four mechanical rooms and the kitchen. Thermaxx manufactured and installed approximately 70 serviceable custom insulation jackets on the valves in these rooms. Touch temperatures of uninsulated valves ranged from 70°F  to 324°F creating an ambient temperature of 90°F. Thermaxx also insulated over 200 lineal feet of straight pipe insulation in these areas. The outcome was a success! We calculated an annual savings of just over $19,000 which included two incentives from PG&E and a comfortable ambient temperature for all to enjoy.

“Thermaxx conducted a comprehensive study of my mechanical systems and provided a detailed proposal for saving energy at my facility through insulation upgrades. The analysis included exact installation costs, calculated utility savings, rebate availability from my utility provider, and Return On Investment numbers. The project manager from Thermaxx personally oversaw the installing contractors and ensured that my expectations of completeness and quality were met. My work with Thermaxx resulted in my facility exceeding our energy initiative goal for 2018, and I plan to engage with Thermaxx for additional projects in 2019.”
Scott Sandin
Facility Director
Adventist Health St. Helena

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Rose Titcomb - Account Manager at Thermaxx

Rose Titcomb comes to Thermaxx as our Northwest 2018 sales partner. Having grown up in the city by the Bay, San Francisco, she understands the importance of community. That community feeling has driven her to play team sports and run a business for half her career. She has ties to the East Coast from the mom and pop store her grandfather owned in upstate New York to her schooling days. She is excited to embrace a new venture she believes is a valuable tool for many businesses with the Thermaxx family and looks forward to the new relationships she will make. In her free time Rose loves’ #1 loves are her children. You may also catch her hitting the ball around and eating her way thru the windy city by the Bay.