Aerogel Thermal Insulation

What Is Aerogel?

According to aerogel.org, Aerogels are a diverse class of porous, solid materials that exhibit an uncanny array of extreme materials properties. Most notably aerogels are known for their extreme low densities (which range from 0.0011 to ~0.5 g cm-3). Silica aerogel is the most common type of aerogel, most frequently seen in photographs and what people generally refer to when using the word “aerogel” without an adjective in front (although there are many other types of aerogel). Silica aerogels have superinsulating properties as illustrated in this photo of aerogel insulating a delicate, moist flower from the raging heat of a Bunsen burner.


Essentially an aerogel is the dry, low-density, porous, solid framework of a gel (the part of a gel that gives the gel its solid-like cohesiveness) isolated in-tact from the gel’s liquid component (the part that makes up most of the volume of the gel). Aerogels are open-porous (that is, the gas in the aerogel is not trapped inside solid pockets) and have pores in the range of <1 to 100 nanometers (billionths of a meter) in diameter and usually <20 nm.

Aerogels are dry materials (unlike “regular” gels you might think of, which are usually wet like gelatin dessert). The word aerogel refers to the fact that aerogels are derived from gels–effectively the solid structure of a wet gel, only with a gas or vacuum in its pores instead of liquid

Why Are Aerogels Used In Insulation Blankets?

A major advantage to using silica aerogel as a thermal insulation material in our insulation blankets is enhanced energy efficiency, and in turn, reduced harmful emissions resulting from energy consumption and cheaper utility bills. Silica aerogels are best known for tremendously low thermal conductivity, which can take on values as low as 0.015 W m-1 K-1. That’s something like the equivalent insulating value of a stack of 30 panes of window glass compacted into a single inch (2.54 cm)!

Silica Aerogel also offers superior defense against CUI, or corrosion under insulation.

Which Aerogel Products Does Thermaxx Use In Our Insulation Blankets?

We are proud to use Aerogel products from Aspen Aerogels® in our insulation blankets including Pyrogel® XTE for hot applications & Cryogel® Z for cryogenic applications. Aspen Aerogels products are used by leading global companies in key energy market segments.

Aspen’s Aerogel insulation is up to five times more effective than traditional insulation while being industrially robust in a space-saving form, making it the best industrial insulation on the market.

Aerogel Insulation Benefits

Aerogel insulation offers numerous advantages for blankets and other products. Several of these benefits include:

  • Effectiveness: Aerogel can be up to five times more effective than other types of insulation. It has a long service life, allowing you to get more out of your investment.
  • Versatility: Use Aerogel insulation blankets across a wide temperature range without cracking, sagging, or clumping. The insulation can also withstand impacts and vibration.
  • Efficiency: Aerogel is also one of the most efficient types of insulation available today, helping to reduce energy costs. It is also thinner than comparable insulation with similar R-values. 
  • Ease of use: Aerogel insulation is extremely simple to use because the blankets are easy to put on and take off whenever necessary.
  • Water repellent: The Aerogel insulation is hydrophobic, helping to prevent corrosion and protect components from moisture.

Our products made with Aerogel insulation enhance durability and cost-effectiveness in the ways you need them most.

Aerogel Insulation Blanket Applications

Aerogel jacket insulation is beneficial for numerous industries and applications. Some areas where it is most effective include:

  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Piping
  • Tanks
  • Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Liquified natural gas (LNG) production
  • Vessels
  • Refining
  • Subsea
  • Storage facilities
  • Outdoor components

If your application meets any of the following qualifications, Aerogel insulation is likely a suitable choice:

  • Tight or limited space
  • High or extremely low temperatures
  • Fragile equipment or components
  • Moisture and water exposure

Aerogel Insulation vs. Other Types

Aerogel is one of many types of insulation, each offering unique benefits and disadvantages. Other insulation types include:

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is one of the most common types of insulation. It is made by weaving together fine strands of glass, making it a nonflammable option that reduces heat transfer. Fiberglass is difficult to handle and can cause lung, eye, and skin problems.
  • Mineral wool: Mineral wool is a general name for several types of insulation, including glass wool, rock wool made from basalt, fiberglass wool made from recycled glass, or slag wool. It is not naturally fire-resistant, so you would need to use it in combination with fire-resistant insulation.
  • Cellulose: Cellulose is an eco-friendly insulation choice because it is made from recycled cardboard and paper. It can also help reduce fire damage because it contains almost no oxygen. That said, some people are allergic to newspaper dust, and it can be difficult to install without proper training.
  • Ceramic insulation: Ceramic insulation is commonly used for extremely high temperatures (above 1200F), but can be costly to utilize.
  • Polyurethane foam: Polyurethane foam has a non-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gas as a blowing agent, which reduces its impact on the ozone layer. It's also a lightweight form of insulation. Aerogel is still lighter than polyurethane foam and provides better insulation overall.

Compared to these insulation types, Aerogel consistently outperforms and offers several additional benefits.

Contact Thermaxx to Learn More About Our Aerogel Thermal Insulation Products

Do you have questions or want to learn more about Aerogel? Our team is prepared to answer all your inquiries and provide more information about our Aerogel jackets and other insulation products.

We provide insulation for organizations in several industries, including:

  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Large offices
  • Industrial companies
  • Hotels
  • Commercial companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Multiuse and multifamily units
  • Government buildings

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