Case Study: O&G Industries Asphalt Plant

O&G Industries is a leading provider of asphalt paving services headquartered in Torrington, CT.  They have six quarries, nine asphalt plants, and own more than 1,900 pieces of asphalt paving related equipment in order to meet the needs of major clients that include the Connecticut DOT. Founded in 1923 on the principals of quality service and craftmanship, today O&G is still family owned and considered the gold standard in construction services and products in the northeast, including asphalt products.

O&G makes a wide range of both standard and specialized asphalt mixes. When producing asphalt, O&G uses gas in the production process to heat the oil, which is a major component of asphalt, along with aggregate products mined from their quarries. Using double walled pipes, asphalt moves through the interior while hot oil maintains the temperature for proper processing. All of this hot liquid running through pipes and other equipment within their system leads a lot of potential heat loss and wasted energy if equipment is uninsulated or not properly insulated. 

As part of comprehensive energy savings plan, O&G has worked closely with Eversource, one of their local utility service providers. It was Eversource who then introduced O&G to Thermaxx as a potential provider of energy savings opportunities through this use of innovative insulation solutions for their facilities. Thermaxx has built a long standing relationship with Eversource over the years. Eversource believes in the quality of Thermaxx's work as well as trusting the reliability of our energy savings calculations. From there, Thermaxx went to work, conducting heat-loss surveys to identify a large number of potential energy and money saving opportunities.

When analyzing potential energy savings and what the optimum solution for O&G might be, Thermaxx considered factors such as operating temperature of equipment (~300-375 F), number of operating hours (~5,000 hours), and ambient temperature (~60-90 F). Additionally, because all of the equipment is outdoors and operates primarily in the summer months, other factors like wind speeds and relative humidity were also taken into account.

At the company's New Milford location, Thermaxx found more than $68,000 in annual savings opportunities, which was then verified by Eversource, who was able to offer O&G additional savings on the project through comprehensive utility incentives. Using a combination of removable insulation blankets as well as hard pipe insulation. Thermaxx was able to execute on this project in order to meet the needs of O&G's specific use case.

O&G New Milford Project Overview
Est. Annual Energy Savings  ~56,000 Therms
Est. Annual $ Savings ~$68,000
Est. ROI (prior to incentive)  ~11 Months
Estimated ROI (incl. Eversource incentive)  ~7 Months


Thermaxx has now completed over 10 projects at O&G asphalt plants and sand & gravel yards. As a result of their comprehensive energy savings projects, including insulation, O&G has seen a 4% savings per ton of processed asphalt. Additionally, now all of their asphalts are safer for workers, lowering the touch temperature of all equipment to prevent potential burns from equipment and pipes systems that are often in close quarters.

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AC pumps with removable insulation

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