The Road to 100,000 Steam Trap Smart Tags (Slates)



By Devin Bannon

Inspecting steam traps is essential to ensure efficient operation of steam systems. Faulty traps can lead to energy wastage, reduced system performance, and equipment damage. Regular inspections help detect and fix leaks, ensuring steam is used effectively, saving energy, and prolonging equipment life. All of this ultimately improves overall system reliability and efficiency.

In 2016, Thermaxx was contacted by a steam trap inspection company to modify its “Slate Tags” to assist with digital steam trap inspections. Our client realized that having inspection data at the source, rather than in a filing cabinet, ensures real-time accessibility, quick decision-making, and enhanced accountability. This digital approach promotes efficiency, accuracy, and agility, leading to improved organizational performance and streamlined workflow management.

We were tasks to solve the following problems:

  • App based data collection
  • Easy standard template design and modifications
  • Ability to add Photos
  • Username, date and time stamp
  • Visibility of historical inspections when the QR Code is scanned with any smart device
  • Web based portal for data analysis, exporting and printing

PIC 2 Slate Portal


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks- Technology Adoption

The adoption of technology in existing industries often takes time due to a variety of complex factors. First and foremost, there is a natural resistance to change among individuals and organizations. People tend to be comfortable with familiar processes and may fear disruptions that come with adopting new technologies. Moreover, the cost associated with implementing new technologies can be substantial. Businesses may need to invest in research, training, and infrastructure, which can strain financial resources, especially for smaller or established companies. Additionally, there is a learning curve involved in mastering new tools and systems, which can slow down the adoption process.

The Slate Pages app solves most of these problems by being easy to use and cost effective. The proliferation of QR codes during COVID also helped speed up the process of adoption.

Pic 3 Number of Steam Trap Slate Tags by year

Thermaxx is adding a new steam trap inspection company each month and is paving the next road to 250,000 Steam Trap Slates! To learn more about Slate Tags, you can check out our product page or contact us for more information today.