Choosing The Right Insulation For Your Application: A New York Project Case Study

Recently we were asked to perform a survey for a large property management firm in New York City. This had not been the first time we provided this company with insulation surveys and we hoped that we would be awarded the project. Even though we were able to show the client the benefits of using traditional fiberglass on straight runs of pipe and custom jackets on serviceable components, we did not “win” the job. So I asked my contact to address the objection to our quote and recommended solution. I was told that this is an issue with the onsite engineers. “They don’t believe jackets are worth it!”

I knew our case study would prove otherwise. Insulation jackets belong on components that need to be serviced periodically. If you rip off insulation to access a valve and you re-insulate with the same material, you must know that insulator personally! If you leave the valve bare, heating up the room and the room next door, you are virtually throwing money out the door! Please enjoy this New York case study! Contact us for more information on our full-service insulation services, or read our post about NYC LL87 & LL97.

Video filmed & edited by Time Machine Film Works