Flexible Insulation Blankets

Traditional stay-in-place thermal insulation for piping and other components is rigid, and if it's partially or fully removed for inspections or maintenance it usually can't be replaced. Insulation that isn't flexible, or rigid insulation, doesn't work for every application. There are some cases where insulation blankets, like Thermaxx Jackets, are a better solution because they can be made with alternative insulation materials that are flexible. This allows for components of irregular shape to be insulated effectively.

Flexible Insulation Blanket Materials

Traditional insulation for pipes is typically made of a molded fiberglass, which provides little to no flexibility. Thermaxx Jackets can be designed to include various flexible insulation materials such as:

  • Pyrogel XT: Typically used for flexible insulation solutions on hot applications
  • Insul-Sheet: Typically used for flexible insulation solutions on chilled applications
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl: Typically used for flexible insulation solutions on sound reduction applications

Using these advanced flexible insulation materials, among others, allows for the application being insulated to swell, move, bend, swing, and function as intended.

Applications for Flexible Insulation Blankets

a Fracking Excavation Vehicle used to remove soil around broken water mains There are many applications for flexible insulation blankets from Thermaxx Jackets. Some examples include:

  • Flexible Hose Insulation Blankets: Any large hose that takes an irregular bend shape and needs to be insulated such as a hot oil transfer hose
  • Large High Temp Components: Any large component that is rounded or has many edges and requires an insulation cover that is flexible
  •  Panel Systems: Any panel system that needs to be easily accessed for inspections and maintenance

For more information about flexible insulation blankets from Thermaxx Jackets, visit our products page or contact us!