Insulation Bid Package Guide

Spec Sheets Are Key When Putting a Project Out for Bid!

This article was written by Suzanne Rowe, VP of Sales at Thermaxx Jackets

Recently, I was surprised to see so many general insulation contractors throwing their hat into the ring while on a mandatory facility walk-through for an insulation jacket project that was being put out to bid by an engineering firm. When the walk-through was completed we were given a valve list and a couple of notes about the bid process, but key pieces of information were left out.

Regarding the formal “request for information” (RFI) questions, I asked about the lack of direction in the bid documents, particularly the lack of insulation jacket specification. There was no guidance present on materials, thickness or material type. There was also no step-by-step construction requirement. I felt compelled to warn the engineering firm issuing the project so that the end user would be satisfied with the investment they were about to make.

My unanswered questions/comments for the engineering firm who issued the project were imperative and as follows:

  • What is the operating temperature of the valves to be insulated?
  • What is the desired touch temperature for the outside of the insulation jacket?
  • Because some of the valves are located outside and exposed to the elements, materials will reflect this and contain a hydrophobic property.  
  • What is the acceptable method of jacket closure design?
  • Is a warranty required for this project?

Along with my RFI questions, I also submitted our insulation jacket specification and the data sheets for the materials I planned to use in our jacket design. I am pleased to report that an addendum was issued for this project with our jacket specification in place. The importance of including a specification when putting a project out to bid cannot be overstated.

Download Removable Insulation Blanket Specification Sample


Click here to download a specification sample sheet for our Thermaxx Jacket Hot Insulation Blankets.

I am confident now that the playing field has been made even and all bidders will be submitting pricing for an insulation jacket project that the customer will be happy with. The jacket thickness, material and construction will bring safety and maximum efficiency. The design will be assuredly removable, reusable and come with a 5 year warranty!