Insulation Jackets Vs. Insulation Blankets

There are a few benefits to utilizing a removable insulation jacket over a removable insulation blanket and vice versa. Clearly delineating the difference between the two is the first step towards understanding which would better fit your needs.

A removable insulation blanket is made up of a variety of insulation fabrics and materials. This form of insulation can handle both low and high temperature applications. It also wraps around the piping component system its helping to insulate in a very unconstrained way.

Removable insulation jackets are also produced in a variety of formats and for a multitude of applications. The removable jackets work well as both a means of protection for freezing temperatures and extreme fire provoking temperatures. These jackets, although removable, can be snapped, tied or strapped down to your equipment systems.

Removable Insulation Blanket: What’s The Difference?

If insulation blanket and insulation jackets seem fairly similar, it’s because they are. For the most part they function in the same way to provide insulation from cold and warm elements traveling in and out of your facility. Look at it like this…. Removable insulation jackets are normally designed to fit around a piping component tightly using d-ring, Velcro or slide buckle straps while blankets normally do not custom fit and are designed to wrap around the component and are held on by gravity or tie wires.

When a pipe components size is and manufacture is known, end users often install removable insulation jackets. When exact size and manufacture is not known, or a client is looking for temporary insulation, removable blankets are often used.

Why Choose Removable Insulation?

Removable insulation, regardless if it’s a jacket, blanket or cover, is one of the most effective ways of insulating your facilities’ equipment. Traditional insulation completes the same goal of insulating your equipment to prevent heat loss, excess moisture and more. However, traditional forms of insulation aren’t removable which complicates their use. When it comes to maintenance of your equipment, traditional hard insulation must be removed, disposed of and replace. This costs money for your facility that could have been saved by initially investing in removable insulation cover

Thermaxx Jackets

Thermaxx Jackets was founded over 25 years ago with a single purpose: to help our clients save energy with removable insulation blankets when traditional stay-in-place insulation is not practical. Our dedication to this purpose has resulted in a long list of customers who have saved money thanks to Thermaxx Jackets! Combining expertise in heat loss, wireless monitoring, insulation design, and several other disciplines, we’ve become the #1 provider and fabricator of removable insulation jackets and covers. The Thermaxx Sales and Service teams are experienced and trained to provide clients with the most timely and cost-effective solution.