Minimize Heat Loss With A Heat Loss Audit & Report

Managing dozens or hundreds of mechanical components like steam traps, valves, and pipes operating throughout many buildings can be a daunting responsibility. Locating, identifying, and keeping the components tagged and in working order is difficult enough, let alone optimizing their energy efficiency by ensuring the best insulation is installed in the right places and is in good condition! A heat loss survey or audit may be the perfect solution to get your wasteful steam system components or boiler room insulation upgraded.

Heat Loss Audits & Heat Loss Surveys

A full scale heat loss survey is exactly as mentioned above, a comprehensive highly detailed report that identifies your high priority thermal energy losses using measured temperatures to calculate expected savings. Heat loss surveys are man-hour intensive, require experienced experts to conduct accurate measurements, use technology to drive and measure results, and may have a cost involved.

Heat loss audits are less formal, have little to no cost, and are meant to give the facilities coordinator insights into how they can mitigate thermal energy losses due to missing or damaged insulation in their facilities. The process typically begins with a walk through by an experienced insulation blanket expert, who can quickly identify the biggest opportunities to reduce heat loss. If the audit includes many components in need of insulation, a full survey may be recommended. 

Heat Loss Reports

Heat Loss Survey

Smaller facilities with fewer components to be insulated are easier to gather heat loss data from, and therefore get more granular audit reports than a larger facility with many components. Above is a summary of a sample heat loss survey’s report. Because accurate measurements and data is captured during a full scale heat loss survey using an app, sophisticated estimates can be provided such as:

  • Project payback in months
  • 5 years of savings 
  • Monthly cost of waiting
  • Available Incentives
  • CO2 reductions
  • Therms saved
  • Etc.

These metrics can help you plan compliance with rapidly changing climate change legislation in cities across the United States. These reports are used to prove ROI, and ultimately drive the investment in insulation upgrades.

Reports from heat loss audits may look very similar, depending on the number of components requiring inspection. A summary with savings & payback estimates may be provided, highlighting the biggest opportunities for improvement or the need for a full scale heat loss survey.


Let Thermaxx Conduct A Heat Loss Audit At Your Facility

Thermaxx Jackets has installed removable insulation blankets in thousands of buildings across the USA, providing heat loss audits and surveys all along the way. Our experience and expertise in providing heat loss audits and surveys for facilities coordinators is unmatched. To find out if you qualify for a free heat loss audit from Thermaxx, or to learn more about heat loss surveys, contact us! Check out our removable insulation products. Thermaxx Jackets puts our customers on the fast track to saving energy and money- watch the video below to see us in action: