Pike Falls Corp awards contract to Thermaxx

Pike Falls Corporation Awarded $1M GSA/FAS Contract for Thermaxx™ Removable Insulation Jackets

West Haven, CT
September 23, 2009

Pike Falls Corporation, owner of Thermaxx™ Removable Insulation Covers  has been awarded a $1 million General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Contract for Building Materials, Industrial Services and Supplies.  The products awarded will provide removable insulation covers to federal agencies.  This Multiple Award Schedule contract will streamline purchases for their government customers and will also allow Pike Falls to receive orders funded whole or in part by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). To further simplify ordering, Pike Falls’ listing will also available on GSA Advantage!, the government’s on-line ordering system.

The insulation jackets awarded are specially designed with adjustable Velcro straps to be removable and reusable.  They address three problems that occur in high temperature buildings: un-insulated pipes, environmental waste and unnecessary cost.

Under the new GSA Schedule contract, federal agencies will be able to easily purchase the reusable jackets to reduce all three problems: the danger and discomfort of working near un-insulated pipes, as well as the environmental waste and unnecessary costs that traditional insulation causes.

Many pipes have bends, traps, gauges and other customizations.  Often, those custom pipes are fitted with traditional fiberglass insulation, which works well until the maintenance professionals strip off that insulation to inspect, remove or repair valves. Typically, the conventional insulation remains on the floor and the valve or steam trap never gets re-insulated.  As a result, in some cases, mechanical room temperatures have reached in excess of 120 degrees. The un-insulated pipes are extremely dangerous.

The heat goes into the air and money is wasted on unnecessary energy loss. Alternatively, the agency or building owner might refit the pipe with new traditional insulation, incurring the insulation cost again and putting more fiberglass into the environment.

Removable insulation covers allow for routine inspection and maintenance without sacrificing the proper insulation that leads to a safe work environment and energy savings.

The Pike Falls Corporation GSA Contract Number is GS-07F-0531V, effective September 15, 2009 through September 14, 2014. Read more about reducing energy costs on the Thermaxx Removable Insulation website.