Prevent Frozen Pipes with Wireless Temperature Sensor

Thermaxx Smart Jackets now offer protection from frozen pipes!

smart jacket diagramThermaxx, LLC has modified their patent pending Smart Jacket system. Smart Jackets can now wirelessly notify facility managers of low temperatures in a pipeline to prevent freezing. All too often the only way to know if a pipe or valve is freezing, or has already frozen, is when the system stops working.  After the system is frozen, expensive repairs are required to get the system up and running again.

Thermaxx to the rescue! Install a Smart Jacket that will let you know that the pipe/valves in the system are in danger of freezing.  Look like a hero by being notified before the freezing takes place, saving you or your company thousands of dollars and major stress.

The Smart Jacket senses the temperature between the pipe and the insulation; a reading is taken every 15 minutes. Then, the sensor sends the information wirelessly to a gateway.  The gateway pushes the reading to the Internet and the information is available in real-time, all the time!

Additionally, Smart Jackets have the ability to alert you when temperatures reach a pre-determined set point. An email or text message will then be sent to the proper person notifying them of the low temperatures.  Now preventative action can take place, instead of a fact reaction after the problem has occurred.  The system is simple, easily installed and configured, and requires no involvement of the IT department at your facility.

This article was written by Will Jones, Partner and VP of Operations at Thermaxx, LLC

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