Removable Insulation Case Study: Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC) is located across two cities in California, Berkeley and Oakland. It's comprised of three hospitals and is the biggest within the Sutter Health network.

ABSMC’s in-house engineering team is unique because it maintains its own steam, domestic hot water and heating hot water production while being the only in-house team who maintains, operates, disinfects, and repairs the RO water.

Angel Borja, Regional Facility Director, and Ron Kissinger, Chief Engineer for Sutter Health, contracted Rose Titcomb of Thermaxx to conduct an energy audit for five of its mechanical rooms.

Before incentive:

  • ROI payback period: 30 months
  • Annual therm loss: 24,000 Btus
  • Annual financial loss: $41,000


It was eminently apparent something needed to be done. PG&E was engaged immediately to help make the project financially possible. The assets were each measured in preparation for CAD design of the blankets and wraps. Once the incentive was confirmed production began. Install and post inspection completed the project. D2 Industrial assisted with the install of the Thermaxx Jackets and hard installation. It was an absolute win-win!

After incentive:

  • 130 removable insulation jackets installed
  • 344 linear feet of straight pipe installation installed
  • ROI payback period: 18 months
  • PG&E incentive: $41,000



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