Installing Insulation Blankets

What are removable insulation blankets?

A Thermaxx insulation blanket is a custom-made removable insulation pad designed for thermal insulation use on mechanical engineering components. These components include all elements of any steam, condensate, hot water, cold water, or chilled water systemRemovable insulation is critical to any component that requires routine maintenance as the “easy-on, easy-off” process of a Thermaxx jacket allows the components to continuously operate at peak efficiency. Thermaxx insulation is also used for many other applications including pipes, boilers, steam traps, and more. All jackets are custom made, so insulating unique equipment is our specialty. The Thermaxx insulation blanket is a manufactured jacket with a fiberglass interior and a silicone exterior. Velcro and d-rings tighten the jacket to a form fit over the specified component, and “seal-flaps” are added to the perimeter of necessary components to ensure the new insulation sits flush with the current insulation.   

insulation blanketThe differences between a common basement insulation blanket and aindustrial insulation blanket is significant, and the difference between a common industrial insulation blanket and a Thermaxx insulation blanket is equally significant. common basement insulation blanket leaves multiple areas of a component uninsulated and exposed. This is counterproductive as the component will need to work equally as hard to produce the same output. These blankets are also not secure, and any movement risks altering the blankets' placement. While these may be useful for small, high traffic areas, they are not practical for energy efficiency.

An industrial insulation blanket is a form fitting jacket for any component within a mechanical space. These are generally custom made to ensure optimal insulation effectiveness, but the removal of these blankets can lead to disaster and improper replacement. Special tools are necessary for removal and reinstallation, and engineers are left unsure how to reassemble a removed blanket. Thermaxx insulation blankets solve these problems by producing easy to understand patterns, and Velcro connections for simple removal and return. Without diminishing the quality of the product, Thermaxx has made mechanical maintenance simple and eliminates additional yearly insulation expenses.

insulation blanket

Insulation blankets work by creating a thermal barrier around a piece of mechanical equipment or piping. This thermal barrier reduces heat transfer and increases energy efficiency by retaining the appropriate temperature to the asset. This eliminates the loss of energy to the ambient air and allows the systems to function as efficiently as possible. Insulation blankets ultimately aid companies in imitating less carbon and waste into the atmosphere. Insulation blankets also increase workplace safety for those working in the immediate vicinity.  

How to install blanket insulation

Installation for each component can vary as each component is custom made for a form fit, but there are several steps that an installer should keep in mind to ensure the insulation is performing at peak performance.  

1. Preview the area prior to installing insulation blankets

It is important to be aware of all potential obstacles prior to installation. This allows the installer to collect all required protective equipment necessary to complete the project such as burn protection, fall protection, or the support of another installer if necessary. 

2. Match ID numbers

During the initial walkthrough, our technicians will identify each component that is being insulated with an identification number. These numbers will be visible on the side of the component, written with a heat resistant, waterproof grease pen. The corresponding identification number will then be provided with each blanket on the attached “slate”. The slate is a scannable ID tag that encompasses all necessary information to locate each individual component. This information includes the corresponding ID number, specific locations of the asset, the stage that the blanket is in (ex. Installed, rework), and a photo of the uninsulated component.  

3. Assemble blanket and align cutouts

Each jacket is custom made to fit each component, so aligning the cutouts prior to installation can result in a safer install and use less time and energy.  

4. Install insulation blanket

After aligning each cut out, installers can proceed with the installation of the blanket on the specified component. Blankets should fully encompass the component, leaving behind no uninsulated areas. Cutouts will align when necessary, and Velcro seals will hold the blanket in place around the pipe. D-rings can then be secured, tightening the blanket to the component for maximum efficiency. The blanket will then close with seal-flaps at the end of each cutout and create a seamless transition from fiberglass insulation to blanket insulation.

Once the installer can match the correct blanket to the correct component through the corresponding identification number given to each blanket. If an insulation blanket requires multiple connecting pieces, each section will be numbered in the succession of install. Each blanket is also accompanied by securing Velcro and D-ring straps to help the installer identify the inside from the outside of the blanket. Removal of an insulation blanket is as easy as installation as each piece is detached by loosening the D-Ring straps and undoing the Velcro connectors.

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Thermaxx Jackets

Thermaxx Jackets was founded over 25 years ago with a single purpose: to help our clients save energy with removable insulation blankets when traditional stay-in-place insulation is not practical. Our dedication to this purpose has resulted in a long list of customers who have saved money thanks to Thermaxx Jackets! Combining expertise in heat loss, wireless monitoring, insulation design, and several other disciplines, we’ve become the #1 provider and fabricator of removable insulation jackets and covers. The Thermaxx Sales and Service teams are experienced and trained to provide clients with the most timely and cost-effective solution.