Removable Insulation Covers For Expansion Joints

When pipe heats up it expands thus there comes a need for an expansion joint. Without one, your pipes stand the chance of cracking causing big problems and costing you big bucks. Many materials expand with the increase of heat, especially piping. To help deal with this issue, an expansion joint acts as a way for the pipe to absorb the linear movement caused by the pipe expansion.

Although most steam users understand why they should install expansion joints, almost all ask “Should we insulate the expansion joint and is it vital?” “If yes, how do we do that?”

What Are Different Types Of Expansion Joints?

1. Metal Expansion Joint: While each type of expansion joint offers a range of deflection capabilities, metal appears to be one of the most widely used form of expansion joints. Having a removable insulation cover for a metal expansion jointwill help keep in the heat, while the expansion joint handles the deflection cycles without breaking the pipe.

2. Fabric Expansion Joint: Designed to be a lightweight expansion joint, they tend to tolerate moisture, low temperatures, and pressure better than other forms of expansion joints. However, this depends on the type of piping and the insulation cover used. For instance, fabric expansion joints can be used in ducts that carry hot gases at very low pressures. Metal expansion joints can’t handle the same kind of conditions, but have a stronger tolerance for higher pressures.

3. Rubber Expansion Joint: This type of expansion joint is the most durable because of the variety of conditions it can withstand. Rubber expansion joints are capable of axial compression, transverse and angular movements, and axial expansion. In certain circumstances these types of movements are occurring all at the same time, which is something only certain types of rubber expansion joints can handle. Having the right removable insulation cover is even more important in this case because of the widespread temperatures and fluctuations this kind of expansion joint is faced with. The proper insulation cover will help contain extreme temperature, while the joint will deal with extreme movement. The two go hand-in-hand in ensuring the continued longevity of that particular system of piping.

Why Are Removable Insulation for Expansion Joints Vital?

  • Think GREEN: Heat quickly builds in an expanding joint. A thermal insulation cover  can prevent any unwanted heat loss. This saves you revenue because you’re practicing cost-efficient and eco-friendly practices.
  • Stopping Unnecessary Waste: When removing hard insulation covers from your expansion joints for maintenance or otherwise, most must be replaced and disposed of. When using a removable insulation cover you are able to reapply the cover eliminating unnecessary waste.
  • Preventing Damage: Removable insulation covers help protect the internal bellows of the pipe from becoming damaged and from becoming unusable.
  • Easy to maintain: Continual maintenance of your products is important to ensure reliability of your expansion joints. Removable insulation covers help make the process easier and quicker, by guaranteeing you’ll be able to continually upkeep the life of your expansion joints.

The life of an expansion joint varies dependent on:

  1. The initial installation practices
  2. The design of the expansion joint
  3. Service and inspections of the joints
  4. Storage Conditions

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