Thermaxx Jackets are LBC Red List Approved

Thermaxx, LLC is dedicated to the health and safety of our customers, partners, community, and planet. Most of our insulation products serve the primary function of reducing thermal output of building insulation systems. When system fitting insulation or pipe insulation is installed, immediate impacts are found in the reduction of energy required to properly heat or cool a space. These reductions cut the cost of the operation overall, and greatly contribute to carbon reduction and savings requirements and goals, ensuring long-lasting well-being for our customers and environment. 

In line with our commitments to a healthy, sustainable earth, Thermaxx’s standard insulation jackets are manufactured using products and materials that are Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List approved. The LBC Red List is a database of “worst in class” building materials and elements known to pose serious risks to both human health and the health of the ecosystem.  

Well-known chemicals like Asbestos and Formaldehyde, as well as Phthalates and Alkylphenols, populate the list based on their harmful impacts on waterways from wastewater treatment, contributions as carcinogens, persistence as toxins to humans, triggers for asthma, leukemia, and other increasingly disruptive and damaging effects. The LBC list is maintained and updated in the hopes that the materials therein will be phased out of usage and production. Our hope is that through our continuing disuse of these Red List materials, we will help contribute to that phase out process. 

Organizations like the US Green Building Council (LEED), International WELL Building Standard, the US EPA, and countless architecture firms (including Gensler, HKS, Perkins), contractors, and manufacturers, as well as private businesses (including Google), universities, hospitals, and real estate management associations look to the LBC Red List for guidance on acceptable building materials.  

Thermaxx joins these efforts, and our goal is to avoid the use of any of these materials in our product construction. Thermaxx takes great pride in manufacturing quality products that are both environmentally conscious and not harmful to our customers’ health.  

There are specific system applications and pipe insulation that may use Living Building Challenge Red Listed materials, so when contacting Thermaxx about your insulation needs, please let us know if this is an area of concern, and we will work with our production team to make sure we can meet your needs.  

We look forward to helping you with your environmentally-friendly and health-conscious insulation goals. Contact us for help planning your insulation upgrade, or to learn more about our industry leading insulation blankets. 

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