Are You Missing Out On Utility Incentives & Rebates For Insulation Upgrades?

What Are Utility Incentive Programs?

Utilities throughout the country have been mandated by governing bodies to drive down energy usage. One way to accomplish that is on the consumer side - the utilities offer rebates to residential and commercial customers for certain projects which reduce consumption. These rebates are funded by a fee on most customers’ energy bills called “System Benefit Charge” (or similar.) If you pay into that fee-based fund, your company may be eligible for project rebates or incentives, meaning cash back on projects that will also saving your facility money.

How Are Utility Incentives Calculated?

Most projects are ‘Prescriptive’, meaning that there is a simple relationship between the measure installed (a new boiler, or pipe insulation, for example) and how much the rebate is. For pipe insulation it may be $3/linear foot installed. All Thermaxx removable jackets fall into the “Custom” (miscellaneous) category and the relationship is determined by how much energy the measure saves.

We Can Help You Get The Best Incentive Rate Possible

Each state and each utility offer different incentives. Thermaxx has relationships with utilities in every state and will help discover rebates that are available to a customer. Our Utilities department will determine the eligibility of potential projects, submit applications on behalf of the customer, and handle all the interaction with the utility. We will work hard to obtain the best incentive rate possible for you!

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