Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Insulation

Water and wastewater treatment plants are normally out of sight and out of mind. That’s because building owners normally do not purchase assets, other than toilets, that use these utilities. Of the 4 major utilities (water, sewer, gas, and electricity) gas and electric seem to be the ones people are usually thinking or talking about. Building owners are constantly making purchases that use these commodities (lighting, refrigeration, alarms, etc.) and are usually thinking about them every time they receive their electric or heating bill. When you think heat, you think removable pipe insulation. When you think sewer, well lets just say… you don’t normally think pipe insulation.

Primary clarifier at Siloam Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant in Siloam Springs, AR.

Primary clarifier at Siloam Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant in Siloam Springs, AR.

There is much more insulation in water and wastewater plants than you could imagine. All plants need heating and cooling for their central offices. This is similar to any other manufacturing facility that requires offices. In addition to heat, some treatment plants apply a heating source for their processing. Treatment plants may use flame arrestors that make sure gases do not come into contact with open flames. These arrestors can pose a severe safety risk and require removable insulation to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

A Flame Arrestor Insulatedby Thermaxx Jackets

A Flame Arrestor Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Many northern treatment plants use heat tracing to avoid freezing in the winter months. This heat trace can be a steam trace which is powered by a steam boiler. When this process is being used, removable insulation is used to help keep the steam in the copper tubing or around the valve that is being protected.

Exterior Valve Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Exterior Valve Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Another component that needs protection are the outdoor valve actuators that utilize the Thermaxx WeatherMaxx Jacket. This jacket normally does not provide freeze protection but provides weather protection as it relates to UV, wind, and rain damage. Sometimes a weather protection jacket requires insulation for freeze damage protection. Thermaxx has provided an number of insulated jackets for air valves in the water and waste water industry.

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Brian Bannon - Vice President of Thermaxx

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