Weatherproof Actuator Covers: A WeatherMaxx Case Study

A large school district in the San Antonio, Texas area had a major problem with their actuator “weather protection” covers. The covers were severely affected by UV rays and quickly deteriorated to a point that rain was able to get inside the actuator and cause major shutdown problems.


The school district relies on Amcon Controls of San Antonio for their valves and actuators. Upon hearing of the problem, Amcon Controls President Bob Barnebey contacted Thermaxx to help find a solution.

Solution: Thermaxx researched the problem and worked on a solution. The challenges were to manufacture a cover that would protect the actuator from adverse weather and UV rays while remaining cost effective.

The WeatherMaxx Cover was born out of this challenge. Simply stated, a WeatherMaxx cover is a non-insulating, weather protection cover that is UV resistant and is able to handle large swings in ambient temperature. The cover is built to last many, many years and give optimal protection to the actuator.

The WeatherMaxx cover is built of EJ1650 Teflon/Fiberglass cloth with an upper temperature limit of 600°F and a lower temperature limit of -160°F. Teflon is UV and chemical resistant to handle acidic rain or anything harmful the atmosphere may contain. The WeatherMaxx cover is sewn with an aramid thread with a 35lb. break strength. Typical commercial thread has only a 10 to 14lb. break strength. The cover is held tightly in place with a 3/16th inch aramid pull cord that has a 500lb. break strength.

WeatherMaxx covers can be made for virtually any component that needs weather protection or UV protection. This includes pumps, motors, actuators, electrical equipment and other applications too numerous to list.

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