Brooklyn Museum Gets an Insulation Upgrade

This case study was written by Jennifer Kaelin, an expert at Thermaxx Jackets

New York City is leading by example, retrofitting all public buildings by 2025. Projects already in place include Brooklyn Museum working with energy partners National Grid & Thermaxx Jackets to make their facility more energy efficient.

Project Information

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Upgrade Technology: Insulation for Boilers & HVAC components

The Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. At 560,000 square feet, the museum is New York City's third-largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly 1.5 million works.  

Brooklyn Museum is part of a citywide push to become more energy efficient by 2025. The museum has partnered up with National Grid taking advantage of their energy efficiency program & offsetting the cost of the sustainable upgrades.

Brooklyn Museum called upon insulation specialist, Thermaxx, LLC to install custom-made, removable insulation jackets and hard insulation to prevent the loss of heat from HVAC components. As a result of this insulation system, the museum’s mechanical and boiler rooms are operating more efficiently, with less waste heat and reduced fuel costs –the museum expects to recoup its costs for the project in under three years.

Brooklyn Museum
Total Cost $56,951
National Grid Incentive Payment $25,951
Cost to Customer $31,000
Estimated Annual Savings
Annual Savings $37,936.28
Payback Period 18 Months
Energy Consumption Savings 37,936 Therms

Energy Efficiency Measures Installed

  • Custom insulation system for the museum's mechanical and boiler rooms
  • Removable insulation on mechanical components
  • Hard insulation on piping


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