Climate Plan Compliance & Insulation

This article was written by Suzanne Rowe Barrett

Throughout the country and across the world, the sentiment is catching on and the pleas of the scientists are being heard. In April of 2019, NYC enacted its most stringent effort to date, The Climate Mobilization Act. In the same state, slated for 2021, is the anticipated decommissioning of Indian Point, a major source of electrical power. LL87, LL97, are just a few of the energy related actions taking place in New York right now. 

Many other cities have followed suit with their own plan to combat the effects of climate change. In California, the AB 32 scoping plan is the state's roadmap to reach the greenhouse gas reduction goals. In NJ, the NJ Energy Master Plan, along with Executive Order #28, serves as a comprehensive blueprint for the total conversion of the production of clean energy. 



Insulation surveys conducted by Thermaxx will reveal the BTU loss from exposed pipes and un-insulated valves. This sortable report includes valuable information that can help plan and budget insulation projects. Local laws and climate plans ask that you begin making efforts in your buildings NOW. Insulation is one of the easiest measures to tackle when looking at the energy deficient areas in your facility. The Thermaxx methodology for calculating the ROI has been approved by independent engineers at gas companies across the country. Learn more about Thermaxx Insulation Surveys!

Energy audits reveal where the building deficiencies lie. It is expected of the building owner to have this data in place. Fortunately, gas companies are providing major assistance with incentives and resources. In NY and other states around the country, eligible customers can count on enhanced incentives through 2020 to help pay for the upgrades needed to comply. The local gas companies are here to assist financially with the implementation of energy measures that normally would not be in the general budget.  Many universities and hospitals are taking notice and are building comprehensive energy projects. A comprehensive energy project includes more than one effort or measure and often these measures go hand in hand.   

Thermaxx has partnered up on many occasions with companies that provide energy saving products and services. Some of our recent partner projects include steam trap surveys using SLATE tags, steam system analysis, and boiler and lighting upgrades. Learn more about Thermaxx, SLATES and Steam Trap Surveys!

The gas company's “trade ally” or “participating contractor” section on their website is a great resource for building a winning team of vendors for a comprehensive energy project. For more information on ideas for compliance relating to your region’s Climate Plan effort, or assistance with understanding and navigating gas company incentives, be sure to contact us.

Suzanne Rowe

Suzanne is a sales manager at Thermaxx in New York City.