Get Insulation Blankets In Washington State

This article was written by Rose Titcomb of Thermaxx Jackets

Do you know what the Clean Buildings Act is? Are you a commercial building > 50K Gbsf? Is your building in the state of Washington? Then time is a ticking! It will be a mandatory law by 2026 to get your building HEALTHY.

Let me help you with a simple: 1 – 2 – 3: Audit, manufacture, install.

Compliance is a building owner’s obligation. Start the process NOW. Be ahead of the game. Be part of the change. Be the 1st state to adopt this amazing feat! Energy efficiency is the largest, cheapest and lowest-risk resource. Get it done with removable insulation blankets from Thermaxx Jackets!

How to Calculate Square Footage in your Facility. The Easy Way

square footage

Let’s take care of this…

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So we can take of this and this and this ….!








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