Custom Insulation Solutions For Commercial Laundry Facilities

This article was written by Rose Titcomb of Thermaxx Jackets

Investing in energy efficiency technology for your commercial laundry is more important than ever. As utility costs rise finding the right insulation is key. In many facilities large amounts of natural gas is used to run boilers to produce steam or heat water. Gas dryers, water heating and space heating are the kings for utilization of natural gas.

boiler insulation blanketsThe boiler can be the heartbeat of any facility especially if we are talking about heating hot water – which massive amounts are used for the washing machines. The more loads of laundry the more steam is used – up to thousands of pounds in an hour! Without an efficient boiler it can be very tricky for a facility to produce enough hot water to wash everything. Ironers and shirt / pant presses need a lot of steam – this is where the laundry personnel stand all day! Steam drying can be a better partner then hot air as it cuts down on wrinkles in the garments – therefore the higher quality rate your boiler is running the better it can work and the happier your customer will be.

Unlike hospitals running a boiler 24/7, the run time of a commercial laundry facility can be about half this run time. The high temperatures an employee literally faces can affect morale, comfort and production. Unlike facilities in a hospital where engineers are running around and checking on equipment and safety throughout an entire building – a laundry facility has folks standing in 1 position for very long durations of time. This can make for very uncomfortable and hot conditions.

Solution? By upgrading the operations and maintenance of a laundry site of existing equipment from the boiler, ironers, steam traps, shirt presses, pant presses, gate valves, heat exchangers and pipe runs - efficiency can immediately be seen in positive ways from work conditions, energy savings, longevity of equipment and money savings. With a full insulation upgrade a commercial laundry customer can see saving over 20K in therms and over $13K a year out of pocket - 1 ironer alone not insulated with one of Thermaxx’s wraps operating at a temp of 120 psi (350F) is losing $2500 a month! Now that’s a wrap!

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Rose Titcomb - Account Manager at Thermaxx

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