Generator Insulation

Generator systems are used for many different applications. Emergency generators provide human safety and help to protect personal property.

Some generator applications include, hotels, government buildings, apartment buildings/complexes, and of course hospitals and nursing homes where a fully functional facility is vital to the lives of patients and residents.

In addition to the above, more and more facilities are using onsite power to offset their operating costs. The bottom line is a properly functioning generator is crucial to any facility. It is important that your generator is regularly inspected and maintained, and that includes its thermal insulation.

There are countless benefits to insulating generator exhaust systems which run at very high temperatures between 900-1100°F. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Lower ambient temperature in engine rooms
  • Reduced radiated heat from exhaust system
  • Helps to retain energy for peak performance
  • Lowers surface temperatures, increasing safety and reliability
  • Protects sensitive materials and equipment
  • Protects supplementary parts through improved thermal management.

Thermaxx takes a unique line of action when insulating these systems by using a combination of mineral wool insulation about 4-5” thick with aluminum jacketing on the exhaust breaching, and removable jackets for the serviceable items, such as expansion joints. Mineral wool is rated for high temperatures, is easy to work with, cost efficient and has shorter lead times than other high temperature materials.

For removable jackets, a standard thermal jacket will just not do for a generator exhaust system. These jackets must withstand very high temperatures as well as the expansion and contraction of the joints when the engine is started. The major difference here is that stainless steel hog rings must be used to hold the insulation in place inside the jacket. Also, the jacket closes with straps and stainless-steel D-rings. Velcro is not used in an application like this because it will melt at the higher temperatures. A more robust material like vermiculite or silica must be used for the outer material of the jacket because it is rated up to 1500°F.

Lastly, a wire mesh material is used inside the jacket to protect against the high temperatures and the vibration of the engine. This will increase the life expectancy of the jackets.

Thermaxx has insulated thousands of components with unique requirements. We work with our insulation materials providers like General Insulation Company, Inc. to design & manufacture the perfect jacket for your generator exhaust using the latest technologies. Contact us to learn more about our insulation blankets & services.

Meghan Reilly - Account Executive at Thermaxx

Meghan has been part of the Thermaxx team since early 2013 and her territory covers Connecticut to Maine. In her five years with Thermaxx she has helped her clients achieve maximum energy savings with a strong ROI. Meghan is an established partner with local utilities throughout New England and has in-depth knowledge of their custom gas incentive programs. She takes extreme pride in the customer service that Thermaxx provides their clients, and oversees all of her own projects through to completion and 100% customer satisfaction.