Steam Insulation Blankets

What is steam?

Steam is created from the boiling of water. As heat energy (BTU’s) is added to water, the temperature rises accordingly. When water reaches its saturation point it begins to change from a liquid to a gas.

What is a steam distribution system? 

The steam distribution system is an important link between the steam source and the steam user. It must supply good quality steam at the required rate and at the right pressure. It must do this with a minimum of heat loss. The pressure at which the steam is to be distributed is determined by the point of usage in the plant needing the highest pressure. We must remember however that as the steam passes through the distribution pipework, it will lose some of its pressure due to resistance to flow, and the fact that some of it will condense due to loss of heat from the piping. Therefore, consideration should be made from properly insulating the steam lines and steam specialty items.

Commonly insulated components in a steam distribution system:

  • Boilers doors
  • Steam Valves – Ctrl, Gate, PRV, Globe, Direct acting pressure reducing valves
  • Steam Traps – Float and Thermostatic, Inverted Buck Steam traps
  • Steam pipeline auxiliaries
  • Pumps
  • Steam Stations- Air Separators, traps, valves, pipe
  • Heat Exchangers- Steam to hot water systems applications
  • Expanding valves
  • Flow Meters

Who commonly uses steam?

  • Hospitals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Campus Universities
  • Multi-family
  • Pharma
  • CRE
  • Municipal
  • Military installations

Why should components in steam processing systems be insulated?

Efficient energy conservation is at the heart of Thermaxx Jackets' commitment. For ideal output of process control and temperature conditions there is a need for proper insulation thought out your steam distribution system. Proper installation and maintenance are critical to the ongoing health of mechanical systems. The most high-performing insulation materials can’t be expected to function properly if they are installed incorrectly or if they become damaged and are not repaired. Ensuring you are choosing the right materials and installing them correctly is the first step in designing a long-lasting mechanical system.

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