Getting To Know Your Building: The Commercial Facility Energy Assessment

This article was written by Suzanne Rowe Barrett of Thermaxx Jackets

Since Thermaxx started manufacturing removable insulation jackets in 2007, we have tripled in size. Our growth can be attributed to the strong energy drives across the US and throughout the world! There are benchmarking requirements in many US cities. Benchmarking requires a facility owner to report energy usage to the local building department. Often times, if this information is not submitted there are violations and fines that will be imposed. In addition to benchmarking, energy auditing and retro commissioning are also becoming requisite.

Thermaxx AppThermaxx has developed a smart app for the purpose of gathering information for an insulation related energy assessment. Our energy assessment will form the facts regarding your building’s insulation situation. The energy assessment will document the individual asset (steam component or piping) and calculate the btu loss associated with that component’s lack of insulation. In addition, the following info will be included; Pre and Post thermal savings, Pre and Post Greenhouse Gas emissions, the cost for insulation, the ROI and the cost of waiting per month.

The smart app enables Thermaxx technicians the ability to survey entire facilities and campuses at the rate of over 100 steam components or sections of pipe per day. The information will be verified with the facility engineers who are familiar with the steam system hours of operation, boiler efficiency and mmbtu cost. Once the findings are established and the survey complete, the energy assessment will tell a story of an often-overlooked area. The data will show how much money is wasted by leaving steam components and piping un-insulated.

Missing insulation can be easy to ignore because bare components are not equated with high priority. The energy assessment will change that mindset when presented to those whose main concern is conserving energy and promoting sustainability.

If you are looking for ways to comply with energy related goals in your facility, begin today by contacting Thermaxx for a heat loss survey in your building. Whether you are looking to survey one mechanical room or an entire campus, the insulation heat loss will open your eyes to an energy conservation measure that will render a quick ROI while providing a reduction in ambient temperature.

Suzanne Rowe

Suzanne is a sales manager at Thermaxx in New York City.