Hospital Insulation Blankets: A Case Study

This case study was written by Richard Brown of Thermaxx Jackets

Located in Washington D.C. is a non-profit hospital licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health and Human Services. The hospital specializes in surgery, orthopedics, and oncology services. The hospital’s energy management team is responsible for the utility spend and construction projects for the hospital, while driving energy saving projects in an effort to reduce operating costs.

An initial Heat Energy Loss Survey was conducted by Thermaxx Jackets Regional Manager, Richard Brown. What Thermaxx found was several areas within the hospital where gas therms could be saved, starting with the Central Plant Boiler room. For this project we installed insulation blankets in the main boiler plant and mechanical rooms on several floors.

Boiler Insulated by Removable Thermaxx Jacket

Thermaxx manufactured and installed removable custom insulation blankets on specialty valves, steam stations, pumps, and an old exposed linear ft of pipe in these rooms. The result of this action was a success as Thermaxx calculated an annual savings of just over $25k. This project was also eligible for an energy incentive award from a local utility.

Annual savings and CO2 reduction:

  • Total project cost: $50k
  • Utility Incentive Award: 65% of total project cost
  • Total Annual Savings: $25k
  • 5yr Savings: $106k
  • CO2 Greenhouse Reduction (Metric Tons/yr.): 118.0
  • CO2 reduction of 118 pounds (0.059 Tons) for every MMBtu of natural gas saved.
  • Pre Therms: 23094
  • Post Therms: 1993
  • Therms Saved: 21101
  • Payback period: 16 months

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