St. Mary’s Medical Center of Dignity Health: Insulation Jacket Case Study

St. Mary’s Medical Center of Dignity Health
450 Stanyan Street San Francisco, CA  


This case study was written by Marvin R. Fields from St. Mary's Medical Center & Rose Titcomb from Thermaxx Jackets

Since 1857 St. Mary’s Medical Center has cared for the people of San Francisco. Located across the street from the Golden Gate park, it is the first Catholic Hospital opened by the Sisters of Mercy in San Francisco. It is recognized for its incredible Stroke Center and Heart Attack Care. For over 90 years the tireless efforts of the Sisters and Physicians, serving all, makes St Mary’s the oldest running hospital in San Francisco.   

Chief Engineer, Marvin R. Fields, called upon Rose Titcomb of Thermaxx to come in and do an energy assessment of St. Mary’s mechanical rooms. Thermaxx was able to determine through insulation upgrades of their valves and piping that financial and energy savings would be achieved immediately. With the help from D², PG&E and Willdan the project came to light and proved to be successful.

  • D² Industrial Services installed the jackets and hard insulation
  • PG&E provided the financial backing 
  • Willdan supported the entire process from beginning to end 
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St. Mary’s hospital is now more energy efficient, and has reduced its carbon emissions all while creating a more comfortable ambient environment. 

D² Industrial Services installed the jackets and hard insulation. 

Marvin R. Fields (Chief Engineer)
St. Mary’s Medical Center

“Dignity Health / St. Mary’s Medical Center is doing its part to reduce the Carbon footprint, additionally it provides Comfort & Safety to the staff.”

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