The Riverside Church Gets an Insulation Upgrade

"Con Edison’s Green Team has been a great partner in our Church’s commitment to sustainability. We are proud to help our community by reducing our environmental footprint and meeting our energy efficiency goals."

-Thomas Monti, Property Manager, The Riverside Church
(Newmark Grubb Knight Frank)

RiversideChurchLogoSituated at one of the highest points on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the historic Riverside Church is modeled after the 13th century Gothic cathedral in Chartres, France. The church’s iconic bell tower can be seen for miles, and is a well-known feature of the New York skyline. The church also serves as a beacon to the community by hosting a multitude of functions for an interdenominational congregation – from spiritual, to educational, to arts and culture-based gatherings.

In an effort to make operations more sustainable, the Church took advantage of Con Edison’s Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, which provides lucrative incentives for high-efficiency retrofits of lighting, HVAC, and other energy systems within commercial facilities.

Riverside Church called upon insulation and smart monitoring specialist, Thermaxx, LLC, to install custom-made, removable insulation jackets and hard insulation to prevent the loss of heat from HVAC components, including piping, ducts, boilers, tanks, and steam traps. As a result of this insulation system, the Church’s mechanical and boiler rooms are operating more efficiently, with less waste heat and reduced fuel costs – good news for the Church, which expects to recoup its costs for the project in under two years.

Energy Efficiency Measures Installed:

  • Custom insulation system for the Church’s mechanical and boiler rooms
  • Removable insulation jackets for wye strainers, gate valves, steam trap assemblies, PRVs and boiler doors
  • Hard insulation on pipes and ducts
The Riverside Church, Insulation Upgrades
Total cost $177,600
Con Edison incentive payment $68,500
Cost to customer $109,100
Payback period 1.9 years
Estimated Annual Savings  
Energy consumption savings 34,950 therms
Annual savings $90,800

For more information about Con Edison’s C&I Energy Efficiency Program, call 1-877-797-6347 or visit conEd.com/energysavings.


Thermaxx Jackets

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