The Interchurch Center Gets an Insulation Upgrade

"We are proud to provide our tenants with a more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible workspace. The long-term cost savings we will get as a result of this project will free up resources to dedicate to our mission statement."

-Michele Fox, Director of Capital, Projects and Planning at The Interchurch Center

Interchurch-centerThe 19-story Interchurch Center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side houses the offices
of religious and community organizations. The Center’s mission is to provide a working environment that promotes a sense of community and respect for diverse religious views.

In an effort to make operations more sustainable, the Center took advantage of Con Edison’s Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, which provides lucrative incentives for high-efficiency equipment upgrades and pays up to half the cost of a comprehensive energy audit.

The Center called upon insulation and steam specialist, Thermaxx LLC to install custom- made, removable insulation jackets to prevent the loss of heat from HVAC components including boilers, tanks, and steam traps. Wireless steam trap monitoring was also installed, enabling the engineers to view trap temperatures via the Web. Alerts will be sent via text message and e-mail if a trap begins to malfunction, preventing costly repairs.

Energy Efficiency Measures Installed

  • Boiler room insulation using removable “Smart Jackets” and covers
  • Mechanical insulation components: steam traps, pumps, fans
  • Wireless steam trap monitoring
Interchurch Center
Total cost $99,300
Con Edison incentive payment $63,700
Cost to customer $35,600
Payback period  
Estimated Annual Savings  
Energy consumption savings 39,000 therms
Annual savings $48,700

An 8-year update on the facility can be found here.

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