4 Best Applications for Lewco Super Mat in Removable Insulation

What is Lewco Super Mat?

In production since 2019, Super Mat is a dust-free, durable, reusable, hydrophobic flexible blanket for hot insulation applications from Lewco Specialty Products. Super Mat consists of E-glass needled felt in which the fibers have been impregnated with PTFE, thus making the insulation hydrophobic and breathable. Super Mat is available in various thicknesses of 8, 16, 20, and 25mm with 60-inch-wide rolls.

What are the Benefits of Super Mat?

High-Temperature Application

Super Mat Heat Resistant

With maximum use temperatures of 1200°F (650°C), Super Mat can be utilized for a wide range of industry and component applications, making it highly versatile to work with when creating a custom insulation solution for a Thermaxx customer.

Zero Aerogel Dust Particulates

Because Super Mat is made only of PTFE and E-glass fiber, there is no need for costly Tyvek suits and respirators when installing or removing the insulation.All of this equates to an easier-to-use material that saves customers money with reduced labor costs. In addition, with the absence of aerogel dust, Super Mat is an added safety benefit with no risk of skin drying or chapping irritation to the skin.

Hydrophobic and Breathable

Super Mat HydrophobicThe long-term hydrophobic quality of Super Mat helps reduce corrosion under insulation (CUI), which is one of the most pervasive issues in mechanical insulation across all industries. Super Mat allows the equipment to operate with the initially specified thermal efficiency with reduced risk of external corrosion.

Easy to Cut and Fabricate

The flexible and easy-to-cut Super Mat adds life to cutting blades and increases efficiency when cutting the material to size, creates significant labor savings when specified custom-cutting fittings and removable insulation is required. The range of available material thicknesses reduces the need for multiple layers of insulation, reducing material and labor costs when fabricating removable insulation jackets, savings that Thermaxx can then pass on to you.

What are the Best Applications for Super Mat?

1. Clean Rooms

The lack of dust in the Super Mat material makes it an ideal candidate for all insulation needs in a clean room environment. Even with a high-quality PTFE coating, other insulation materials will eventually find a way to escape into the air, even in tiny quantities, which in a clean room, can be disastrous. Super Mat will not release ANY dust into the air, even over an extended period, by being made only from E-glass fiberglass and PTFE. This makes Super Mat the ideal solution for removable and reusable insulation jackets in particulate-sensitive areas such as clean room settings.

Clean Room Component Insulated Clean Room Component
Uninsulated Clean Room Component Insulated Clean Room Component

2. Manufacturing Facilities Where Equipment Must Undergo Wash Downs

Some of the most common industries where components must be wash-down include food and beverage processing, plating & anodizing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Again, the lack of dust and PTFE being chemically inert makes Super Mat an ideal material for removable insulation solutions at these facilities.

3. District Energy

The district energy industry commonly relies on tunnels and vaults to distribute steam across its network of buildings. These below-ground facilities are often prone to flooding, making the hydrophobic qualities in Super Mat an excellent solution to wet, inefficient, corrosion-causing water-absorbent insulation. Another benefit of Super Mat for district steam is its easy removal and reinstallation of removable covers. Having a removable insulation jacket that does not absorb water pretty much guarantees for the jacket to stay intact and allow for easy removal and reinstall. All of this leads to saving YOU time and money.

4. Outdoor Applications

Outdoor hot service insulation is always prone to water entry. Super Mat’s long-term hydrophobicity makes it great for outdoor applications. A weather-protective covering is needed to protect the fiberglass fibers from long-term exposure to the erosive effects of Mother Nature. Outdoor success with Super Mat may be in either a sewn removable blanket cover, a metal-jacketed installation, or installed with the outer layer being Super Mat STC, which is Super Mat with a one-sided continuous coating of 2 mm silicone.

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